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LBE Resource Booker Pricing

LBE Resource Booker is purchased in concurrent User Licenses, i.e. the number of people simultaneously using the software. When an administrator or user logs in they consume a single license. When they log out, this license is released.

How much is each Licence?

USD180, GBP99, EUR150 Licence price calculator

Licences are available in packs of 2. We offer a discount if you buy more than 10 concurrent user licences at one time if you purchase online. The more licences you buy, the more you save. Your order form will show you how much you are saving. We accept purchase orders, checks and most credit cards (including American Express).

How many licences do I need to buy?

To continue using the software after the 45 day trial you need to buy at least two concurrent user licence. You should try to estimate how many people will (at the same time) be making bookings.

Note: If the user simply closes their browser or goes to another site, there is no way the web server can know that this has happened, so the system will automatically log the user out after a specified period of inactivity. You may need additional licenses to cover this eventuality.

What happens if I don't buy enough licences?

Say you bought 10 concurrent user licences. 10 people are already using LBE Resource Booker. When the eleventh person tries to log in , they will be presented with a message "you have exceeded the number of licences" and will have to wait for someone to log out.

Can I buy more Licences later if I need to?

Yes. Anytime you like you can add more. Once you have purchased 40 concurrent user licences we consider it an unlimited user licence

Is support included?

Yes. The first year's support and upgrades to any new releases in that time is included. After the first year there is a charge of GBP £ 35.00 or  USD$ 64.00 or  EUR€ 53.00 per concurrent user licence.

Can I save money by buying more licences at one time?Buy our room and equipment booking software

Yes, if you purchase online, the more licences you buy in your order, the more you save. Your order form will show you how much your discount. We accept purchase orders, checks, most credit cards including American express

I want to install on multiple sites. Is there a charge?

Yes, If you wish to install LBE Resource Booker on several websites or different servers, you must purchase separate licenses for each site/server machine.

I don't have a webserver, can you help?

Yes, we can host the Resource Booker on our web server for you. Please see here for more information


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