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Room & Equipment Booking software


LBE Resource Booker lets you manage and schedule all of your resources, with a few simple clicks. Easy to install, set-up and maintain.

"Ideal for all types of organization..."

that need to book rooms or equipment. Conference rooms, cars, lodgings, printers, overhead projectors, flipcharts, audio-visual equpment people, laboratory equipment etc. This flexibility means Resource Booker will fit the way you run your organization.

The ability to access from anywhere with standard web browser brings endless possibilities. So next time you're climbing a mountain and you realise you forgot to book a meeting, get out your laptop and book it.

So what does LBE Resource Booker offer you?

  • Easy to install and set-up.
  • Simple to use, no training required.
  • Create bookings with ease, anytime of day, anywhere in the world, ensuring your equipment is ready when you are.
  • View and manage bookings with ease.
  • Bookings Calendar is an easy to understand view of bookings.
  • Create repeat copies of bookings
  • Create notice board messages, displayed on the main page.
  • Send Internal Messages or Emails to other users, no email client required.
  • Add and manage your existing resources with ease.
  • Search for users, resources, bookings etc. with the minimum of effort.
  • You can specify some resources as requiring authorisation or approval.
  • Page specific help always available


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