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We do not store any personal or credit card information on our web site. However, we do record IP addresses as a fraud prevention measure.

You may pay by Credit Card OR we can invoice you using our order form.
We will immediately provide you with temporary licence files via e-mail. You can continue to use the program and all the data you have created during the trial period. Permanent licences will be sent in approximately 30 days. The order process is in 3 stages:

  1. Complete the order form and click the Preview Order button
  2. Your order will be displayed for you to confirm. Click the Confirm button to process your order.
  3. A final message will be displayed.

Shortly afterwards you will receive an email with your order information and the appropriate licence files. The email should be delivered immediately, but there may be a delay depending on internet traffic.

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee, if you are not happy for any reason just return your licence files within 30 days of ordering and we will refund your money.

We suggest you print this page for your reference.

LBE Resource Booker Order Terms  

  1. Once you have placed your order, we will immediately email to you temporary licence files for the products you have purchased.

  2. The licence files are temporary (45 days). Once your payment has been received we will send you the permanent licence files. If you are paying by credit card we will ensure that your permanent licence files reach you in good time.

  3. Our terms are strictly 30 days from date of order, please make sure payment is received by us before your temporary licence expires. If the temporary licence files expire, you will not be able to use the software until payment is made and we supply the permanent licences.

  4. If you are paying by bank transfer, please send an email when payment has been made. Otherwise, there can be a delay of up to 30 days before our bank notifies us of payment.

Licences Required

When an administrator or user logs in they consume a single licence. When they log out, this licence is released. If the user does not log out, the system will automatically log them out after an interval specified in the configuration, therefore you may need to order additional licences for this eventuality.

If you wish to install LBE Resource Booker on several websites or different servers, you must purchase separate licences for each site

LBE Resource Booker Licence

If you agree to these terms and conditions, LEIGH BUSINESS ENTERPRISES LTD grants to you a non-exclusive licence to use the accompanying software (the "Software") and documentation whether printed or electronic (the "Documentation") during a Trial Period as determined by the Software and thereafter once the appropriate licence fee has been paid to LEIGH BUSINESS ENTERPRISES LTD.. The Software and Documentation are referred to in this Agreement as the "Licensed Materials."


The Licensed Materials are the sole and exclusive property of LEIGH BUSINESS ENTERPRISES LTD.. By applying the licence fee and receiving the registered version you do not become the owner of the Licensed Materials, but are entitled solely to use the Licensed Materials according to the terms of this Agreement.


The licence granted to you by LEIGH BUSINESS ENTERPRISES LTD. in this Agreement authorises you to use the Software for the specified number of concurrent users (where applicable).Once the Trial Period has expired this agreement terminates unless you purchase  the appropriate licence fee from LEIGH BUSINESS ENTERPRISES LTD.



This Agreement is effective from the date of installation. This Agreement may be terminated by you at any time by destroying the Licensed Materials, together with any copies, modifications and merged portions in any form. It will also terminate automatically if you fail to comply with any term or condition of this Agreement.

Restrictions on Transfer

You may permanently transfer the Software to any other party if the other party agrees to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, and you transfer all copies of the Licensed Materials to that party or destroy those not transferred. By such transfer you terminate the licence granted to you in this Agreement. You may not sublicense, assign, share, rent, lease or otherwise transfer your right to use the Licensed Materials, nor any other rights granted to you under this Agreement.

Restrictions against copying or modifying the Licensed Materials

The licensed Materials are copyrighted by LEIGH BUSINESS ENTERPRISES LTD.. Except as expressly permitted in this Agreement, you may not copy or otherwise reproduce the Licensed Materials. In no event does the limited copying or reproduction permitted in this Agreement include the right to decompile, disassemble, or electronically transfer the Software, or to translate the Software into another computer language.

You agree to include the copyright notice set forth in the label of the media embodying the software on any copy of the Software in any form, in whole or in part, or if any modification of the Software or any updated work containing the Software or any Part thereof. You also agree not to remove any existing copyright notice from any of the Licensed Materials.

Protection and Security

You agree to use your best efforts and take all reasonable steps to safeguard the Licensed Materials to ensure that no unauthorised person has access to them and that non authorised copy, publication, disclosure or distribution of any of the Licensed Materials is made. You acknowledge that the Licensed Material contain valuable confidential information and trade secrets and that unauthorised use and copying are harmful to LEIGH BUSINESS ENTERPRISES LTD., and that you have the confidential obligation on such valuable information and trade secrets.

Limited Warranty

LEIGH BUSINESS ENTERPRISES LTD. warrants that the media on which the Software is recorded will be free from defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 90 days from the date of payment of the licence fee. If the media and dated proof of purchase are returned to LEIGH BUSINESS ENTERPRISES LTD. within 90 days of the date of payment of the licence fee, and if LEIGH BUSINESS ENTERPRISES LTD. determines the media to be defective and provided the media was not subject to misuse, abuse or use in defective equipment LEIGH BUSINESS ENTERPRISES LTD. will, at its option, (1) replace the media, or (2) refund the licence fee paid by you, upon your return to LEIGH BUSINESS ENTERPRISES LTD. of all of the Licensed Materials , including all copies of any portions thereof , and dated proof of payment of the licence fee. All implied warranties on the media, including implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are limited to the duration of the express warranty set forth above.

In no event will LEIGH BUSINESS ENTERPRISES LTD. or any other party who has been involved in the creation, production, or delivery of the Licensed Materials be liable for special, direct, indirect, or consequential damages, including loss of profits, or inability to use the Licensed Materials, even if LEIGH BUSINESS ENTERPRISES LTD. has been advised of the possibility of such damages. In no event shall LEIGH BUSINESS ENTERPRISES LTD.'s liability for any damages or loss to you or any other party exceed the licence fees paid for the Licensed Materials.


If any provision or portion of a provision of this Agreement is determined to be invalid under any applicable law, it shall be deemed omitted and the remaining provisions and partial provisions of this Agreement shall continue in full force and effect.

This Agreement constitutes the entire Agreement between the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof, and all prior Agreements, representations, statements and undertakings are hereby expressly cancelled.

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